InnSpire and Techlive Expand Partnership With the Addition of Airtime Cloud-based Digital Streaming Service

Newly expanded strategic alliance to create more streamlined hotel operations and a more robust in-room IPTV experience for guests of InnSpire-powered properties around the globe.

Stockholm & Washington DC – November 7, 2023 – InnSpire, the leading provider of a comprehensive technology suite that helps drive a seamless, world-class guest experience for some of the world’s most iconic hotels and brands, today announced the expansion of its 5-year strategic partnership with Techlive International, a global provider of comprehensive content portfolio and global TV services to the hotel and healthcare sectors. The new agreement has been extended to include Airtime, the world’s first hospitality cloud-based movie and content streaming service that eliminates the need for on-site servers or other additional hardware.

Techlive’s new Airtime solution  is compatible with leading smart TV providers, such as Samsung, LG and Philips Android, and is available in 188 countries. Its flexible commercial models (including a zero OPEX option) enable hotel properties to offer outstanding entertainment options to their guests, including early-release blockbuster Hollywood movies in up to a dozen languages, along with award-winning TV features and international channels. Because Airtime is cloud-based, it eliminates the need for additional hardware, reducing costs and expediting deployment, while simplifying system management for the property.

“Historically, hotel TV content has been delivered via on-premise servers, which require additional time and costs for installation,” said Reece Aherne, Business Development Manager with Techlive International. “Through our partnership with InnSpire, all that is needed to access Airtime’s plethora of cloud-based content is a compatible commercial TV and an internet connection.”

The  early release movies  are automatically added to the system as soon as they are released in each specific country, ensuring maximum exposure to the guests. Techlive offers a wide umbrella of studio content like Disney, Pixar and Universal, along with a full spectrum of lifestyle content, such as fitness & wellness, luxury fashion, and a variety of live international TV channels. Currently, there are over 200 movies on Airtime, which typically refresh with four to five new titles each month.

The Airtime cloud-based service enhances InnSpire’s IPTV solutions by offering yet another entertainment option for guests of its client properties. Unlike casting and streaming from their own mobile devices, Airtime is accessible directly from the TV and does not require a separate login or subscription. Guests simply pay for what they watch via a secure payment gateway. Alternatively, hotels may opt to pay a fixed fee and offer the content free to the guest as an added-value service.

“We have partnered with Techlive since 2018 to bring the most robust and desirable IPTV content to the guests of our clients’ properties around the globe,” said Martin Chevalley, InnSpire CEO. “We look forward to deploying Airtime to make it even easier and more cost effective for our clients to enhance their guests’ stays with the latest in in-room entertainment.”

In addition to its comprehensive IPTV platform, InnSpire’s award-winning digital solutions work collaboratively to allow for guest control over their entire travel experience, from guestroom access to temperature and lighting. The company’s full-featured Guest Journey App, its InnCable and InnSmart in-room TV solutions, iOT-based room controls and the innovative “F&B Anywhere” solution all work in concert via the property’s Wi-Fi network to provide travelers and hotel operators with seamless and highly personalized command over the guest experience.

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About InnSpire | Since its inception in 2012, InnSpire has become a leading provider and innovator of guest engagement, digital entertainment and business intelligence solutions for the global hospitality market. The company’s product portfolio comprises a diverse range of innovative software and hardware solutions that allow hotels to generate more revenue, offer better and more personalized entertainment to guests, and analyze and optimize results using a single platform that’s easy to update or change according to the hotel’s specific needs and preferences. Having partnered with world-class hotels on every continent, InnSpire is widely recognized for its ability to offer solutions that are comprehensive, cost effective, and remarkably easy to set up and maintain. Based in Stockholm, InnSpire maintains four regional offices around the globe, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. For more information, please visit and connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Techlive International | Techlive, the innovator in hospitality technology solutions was founded over 30 years ago to provide content services to the hospitality sector. Techlive has supplied the most luxurious hotels, with content spanning from VHS, Digital Disc and Digital Server platforms to now streaming, forever keeping ahead of the technology curve.   Techlive also supply over 60 IP streaming channels for use within hospitality and healthcare.  For more information visit The company created and launched the only hospitality cloud app Airtime in 2017 for delivery of a wide range of content to Smart TVs, which is now available in 188 countries. For more information visit