Techlive launches NHK WORLD PREMIUM exclusively across EMEA

NHK WORLD PREMIUM will replace the current JSTV Japanese language service and is available from October to hotels, hospitals and other types of commercial establishments across Europe, The Middle East and Africa from Techlive International and their authorised content partners.

If you are a hotel, hospital, other type of establishment, a systems integrator or potential content partner, and need more information then please  visit or email

NHK WORLD PREMIUM is the ultimate Japanese TV channel for hotels, hospitals and clinics looking to offer their Japanese guests the comfort and luxury of watching their favourite programmes in their native tongue.
Our programming selection includes a wide range of shows and movies that showcase the best of Japanese culture, from traditional tea ceremonies and sumo wrestling to modern pop culture and anime. With NHK WORLD PREMIUM, your guests will never miss out on the latest news, trends, and events in Japan.
The channel is designed to cater specifically to the needs and interests of Japanese travellers, providing them with a seamless viewing experience that feels just like home. Our high-quality programming is available 24/7, so guests can tune in whenever they like and immerse themselves in the best of Japanese entertainment.