Everything You Need To Know About The Speeron X Techlive Partnership

Speeron is the hospitality technology integrator for the European region with their HQ based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their solutions includes; hospitality TV, online check-in & check-out, digital signage, IoT, 5G services, and customized web applications to the hospitality and healthcare industry. So of course, this means that when the opportunity came for Techlive & Airtime to partner up with this industry leader, we grabbed the helmet by the horns.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Techlive. Their platform Airtime complements our existing offering within in-room entertainment in a very good way that will benefit our customers all over Europe.”

              Annelie Hallström, Business Development Manager, Speeron

Speeron’s Platform NEXT is their latest technology advancement, offering hotels the opportunity to revolutionise guest flow. Resultantly, this enables a fully contactless integrated solution with PMS, Payment, locking system, and much more. This service will offer the guests a fully customized service from before they check-in to check-out.

Having been in the industry for 16 years, Speeron and ourselves share many of the same partners including LG, PHILIPS, and Otrum. As a result, it is easier than ever before, for hoteliers to integrate the latest hospitality technology alongside the best hospitality content seamlessly.

To mention some of Speerons clients include; Nordic Choice Hotels, Nobis Hospitality Group, Stureplansgruppen, and Best Western Scandinavia.

Our collaboration with Speeron comes at a pivotal time for Techlive, as the hospitality industry opens back up and guests prefer spending more time in hotel rooms. App-based customer service becomes a necessity to reach guest satisfaction. Therefore the Techlive X Speeron partnership, means that guests are getting all their services mobile, cloud-based, and once again, contactless. Therefore, making this the prime option for both consumers and hoteliers.

Following the partnership, our Airtime App is now available for integration through Speeron. The App provides the latest Hollywood content, live international channels, and wellness content. Furthermore, Airtime can be installed under multiple models, which can be made bespoke according to the hotel’s needs.

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