Mama Loves Techlive

Mama Shelter is a brand that has diversified the hospitality market for over 14 years. The chain was founded by Gilbert Trigano alongside his 2 sons (Benjamin and Jeremie Trigano) and first opened their doors in 2008 in Paris after 7 years of planning and constructing. The brand collaborated with designer Philippe Starck with a very specific intention in mind. The goal: to create a cozy, fun, and audacious space which not only attracts the international crowd but is also the local hotspot for the neighborhood.

As stated by Gilbert in an interview:

“We live in a world where everything seems to have a price. Every social, racial, religious, or sexual gro

up is placed in a particular category that can be assessed in terms of how much revenue they can bring to a particular industry branch. We are also subject to incessant judgment anywhere we go. Paris, the premier tourist destination, is not an exception. Its variety of hotels still segregates tourists placing them in an array of separate categories.
In this world of division and exclusion, however, there are a few districts that dare not to mind what “other people will say”. These intransigent spots are hence timeless and respond to the human fragility, complexity, sophistication and constant pursuit of the meaning of life.”

Over the years, the chain has expanded to over 13 cities, 8 countries, and 3 continents, with every hotel offering its very own Mama adventure. Each hotel is equipped with a unique experience, from Japanese Karaoke bars, communal dining tables, video booths, rooftop bars, and live musicians. Although each hotel is shaped individually, all Mamma Shelters come with organic toiletries, soundproofing, free WIFI, and “endless movies on tap”. The chain offers a broad range of content for their guests, including family favorites, cult classics, and indie chart-toppers, all catered for by Techlive’s VOD catalog. Integrated by our local partners Direct Streams, and delivered to the onsite Direct Streams solution, Mama Shelter has not only brought guests and natives together but companies also.

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